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Individuals have sought out America for freedom since the time of the 16th Century. People have come to this land escaping political oppression, religious persecution and the desire to have family reunification. In recent years, turmoil in Central American countries of Guatemala, Nicaragua, El Salvador and Honduras has resulted in human rights violations and war atrocities for citizens of those countries. Citizens of Tibet have suffered human rights abuses in India, China, and their home country of Tibet. These tragedies have caused new waves of immigrants to seek freedom in America.

Low-income immigrants and refugees have great difficulty in finding reasonably priced, high-quality representation and are often victimized by unscrupulous individuals or well-meaning friends who try to help them with their "immigration papers." Although well intentioned, most individuals in the community are ill informed and rarely qualified to provide immigration advice. Recommendations are made based on assumptions from their own or others' experience, without taking into account the specifics of each case. The results of this incompetent "assistance" are often disastrous; in some cases, an individual who is qualified for immigration benefits is denied benefits due to receiving misleading information.

Due to the complexity of immigration laws, it is important for individuals to receive accurate legal information. Immigration Counseling Service (ICS) provides professional legal services for clients.